Towing Do’s and Don’ts

When you’re loading a vehicle onto your flatbed tow truck, there are specific things you have to make sure to do or not do. Only by following those steps correctly will the car be loaded correctly and transported safely without any damages. Thus, read on carefully to see how a professional tow truck technician should conduct this process.

1. Pull ahead of the vehicle.

If you don’t give enough space for the vehicle to be rolled onto the flatbed, most likely it won’t be rolled on straight and will need difficult adjusting. So, first things first, pull a few car lengths ahead.

2. Ramp it up.

The flatbed has a downward angle ability to create a ramp to roll the vehicle onto it. Prepare the ramp and then align the front wheels of the vehicle with it so that the vehicle can be carefully brought to it and rolled up straight.

3. Hook the winch to the vehicle.

How to do this depends on the vehicle make or model. Some have a hole on the frame sides for winch hooks, others on the front bumper, and still others have a tow hook or other methods for towing.

4. Make sure the vehicle is in neutral.

This guarantees free operation of the vehicle while you’re manipulating the winch. Don’t forget this step or you’ll have trouble towing the vehicle.

5. Operate the winch to pull the vehicle up to the flatbed.

Using the lever in the truck bed, operate the winch carefully to pull the vehicle straight up the flatbed. Don’t rush this or do it carelessly.

6. Pull the flatbed up level again.

Do not leave the flatbed ramped down. Pull it up level with the appropriate lever.

7. Take it out of neutral and put it in park.

This will help prevent the vehicle from moving around in transit. You should also put on the emergency brake.

8. Secure the wheels for transport.

Added security goes a long way, so hook or tie down each wheel of the vehicle to guarantee safe transport.

These steps are only done correctly by professionals, which is why you want to call Towing Berkeley when you need your vehicle towed. Our technicians are all carefully trained and have a lot of experience in how to properly tow a vehicle. Rest assured, when you call us, your vehicle will be well cared for.