Motorcycle Towing in Berkeley, CA

Just like riding a motorcycle, motorcycle towing must be done carefully, which turns out to be just plain hazardous. At Towing Berkeley, we have charged ourselves with providing any and all types of towing and roadside assistance services to Berkeley’s community. We naturally possess all the necessary expertise, which enables us to include motorcycle towing among the services we offer through a network of independently owned and licensed tow truck cooperators.

Professionalism is Mandatory for Avoiding Mishaps

Motorcycle towing is challenging in unique ways; if handled by a towing tech who is unaware of the challenges involved, there is a high risk of some kind of mishap occurring, usually one resulting in damage to property (mainly the towed motorcycle itself).
From the very early stages of a motorcycle towing job, things become somewhat complicated. Since a motorcycle cannot be left to stand upright all on its own, it cannot be pulled up onto a flatbed tow truck in the same manner as four-wheeled vehicles.

Once the motorcycle to be towed lays entirely on the tow truck’s flatbed, it must be secured tightly in place, or it may fall on its side during the drive (or, even worse, slide right off the flatbed and onto the road).
At Towing Berkeley, the techs we work with are all more than adequately proficient at motorcycle towing; with us, you know you’ve placed your motorbike in capable, reliable hands.

Whenever You Need a Motorcycle Towed

Since we at Towing Berkeley never cease operations, you need not worry about whether or not we are available to tow your motorcycle. Our dispatch is manned 24/7, and our extensive fleet of tow trucks (many of which are flatbed tow trucks, the kind needed for motorcycle towing) helps us get to your location ASAP.

Once our tech arrives, you can trust him with everything. Know-how, experience, and a commitment to excellence make perfect, and our techs possess plenty of them all.

Why Pay More?

So you’ve satisfied yourself that Towing Berkeley can provide you with the motorcycle towing service you need. The only question now is whether the price is also right. You will be glad to know that all our rates are extremely low. This is because we believe in honest billing and because we strive to offer our services at highly competitive rates.

If you’re in Berkeley and need a motorcycle towed, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll provide you with top-class, highly professional service!