“I Don’t Hear Anything when I Turn The Key”

 Every driver has a nightmare that they’ll get into their car, turn the ignition key, and nothing will happen. All of a sudden, that journey to work, that trip to the mall, that ride to school has gone out the window and they’re left stranded. Towing Berkeley has encountered such problems on countless occasions and we’re glad to tell you that nine times out of ten it’s an easy fix. Here’s a look at the most common causes why your car won’t start.

Flat Battery

A drained battery is the most likely culprit. Even if you didn’t leave your headlights on overnight, your battery can still deplete quicker than you can ask: “Where’s the bus stop?” Fortunately, flat batteries are fairly easy to rectify. All you need is a friend or neighbor with a car and jumper cables and you can jump start that dead battery. If there’s no one around to help, call a towing company.

Battery Connections

 If your battery is fully charged, it may be the connections that are to blame. A qualified mechanic or tow truck specialist will soon be able to diagnose the problem and make the repairs.

 Starter Motor

 After the battery, the starter motor is the next most common villain. As with a battery, a trained professional will be able to diagnose the problem and make the necessary arrangements for repair.

 Starter Solenoid Contacts

 A starter motor can be fairly expensive so before you rush out to the dealership or auto repair shop, be sure to have the starter contacts checked. If these are faulty, which they are known to be, they’re a lot less expensive to replace than the full motor.


 In some cases, a faulty ignition can leave your motor motionless. Again, a professional mechanic will be able to identify if this is the case and advise how to proceed. It’s also worth checking your ignition key itself, especially if you use an electronic key that sends signals to an onboard computer.

 Theft-deterrent System

 On occasion, a theft-deterrent system or vehicle immobilizer can become faulty or non-responsive, which leaves you behind the wheel and going nowhere. Less common than the causes listed above, it’s still a possibility worth keeping in mind.

 If you’re based in or around Berkeley, California, Towing Berkeley can provide you with a battery jump start – and a serious of other roadside assistance services – at any time of day or night. Locally-based, our towing technicians know their way around an engine, which means they’ll be able to identify your problem quickly and provide a suitable solution.

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