24-Hour Flatbed Towing Services in Berkeley, CA

Have you broken down during a long drive and have no idea how to get your car running again?
Has a car, truck, motorcycle, bus, or any other type of vehicle left you stranded by the side of the road because of an unforeseen technical issue?
Towing Berkeley’s flatbed towing service is the only solution you need.

Flatbed Towing to Keep Your Vehicle Secure and Safe in Transit

Towing Berkeley cooperates with the best tow truck operators in the local area to bring you unparalleled service. We help drivers with a huge range of towing solutions, but our flatbed towing is one of the most popular.
Why? Because with a flatbed tow truck, your vehicle will be resting on a flat surface, with all of its wheels level, for the duration of its journey. That’s ideal if you have been involved in a road traffic accident and you’re worried that conventional towing could worsen the damage, however unlikely that may be. Many customers opt for flatbed towing when presented with the option.
Another benefit of flatbed towing is that loading a vehicle onto the truck is faster and simpler, so it’s more time efficient. In an emergency, getting a car to its destination (such as an auto repair specialist) quickly is crucial, and customers want the fastest solution available.
If you think that flatbed towing could be right for you, get in touch with Towing Berkeley now.

Our Services in Berkeley are Available 24/7

Towing Berkeley provides a variety of towing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every week of the year — including our flatbed towing.
With our 24-hour availability, we’re on hand to assist you in an emergency. And because we provide flatbed towing suitable for all vehicle types, we can transport cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more at any time.
Round-the-clock flatbed towing is ideal for all situations, whether your delivery truck stops running in the middle of a weekday afternoon, your bike is damaged in a late-night accident, or your car needs to be taken to an auto shop first thing in the morning.

Professional Towing by Local Specialists

We’re passionate about delivering customer service of the highest standard, and speed is a key part of that, especially in emergencies.
If you can’t get to work because your car breaks down during your commute, it’s vital that your vehicle is collected and transported to an auto shop as soon as possible. Otherwise, a long delay could have an impact on the rest of your day, interfering with your work and any other errands you need to run.
Towing Berkeley works with tow truck operators who have spent years towing vehicles in the local area. With so much experience, they understand how to navigate Berkeley and get to any location quickly. Even if they have to take a shortcut to get to you because of heavy traffic or diversions, they will always find the most convenient and efficient route.

Get Flatbed Towing in Berkeley Now

Towing Berkeley’s flatbed towing service is available at incredibly competitive rates. We know that you don’t need the extra stress of paying an unfair price to have your vehicle towed on a flatbed truck, especially when you’re stuck in a difficult situation with a packed schedule to rearrange.
Our dispatchers will take the time to gather essential details (e.g. your location, your vehicle) and provide you with an amazing quote. You will know how much our flatbed towing service will cost you from the start, and because we have a strict honest pricing policy, there are no extra costs to worry about later.
Towing Berkeley’s competitive rates apply no matter how big and heavy your vehicle is: we can tow RVs, motor homes, dump trucks, and any number of other vehicles. All of our other services, such as gas tank refills and flat tire changes, are available for affordable prices too.
So, if you want to find out more about our flatbed towing in Berkeley or any of our other services, call us at (510) 336-4860 now!

Our services include: