Classic Car Towing & Transportation Specialists in Berkeley

Needing to have any car towed can be nerve-wracking but when it comes to having your prized classic car towed, your stress levels may just reach a new high. You’ve found the car of your dreams, finally bought it, put a lot of love and effort into taking care of it, and now you have to let somebody else, a stranger, transport your car for you.

Here at Towing Berkeley, our customers don’t think of us as strangers. They know just how important their cars are to us and they are sure that we can be trusted to take care of their special classic car as though it was our own.

 Why Do I Need To Tow My Classic Car?

There are several reasons for having a classic car towed. You may be buying or selling a classic car and it has to travel a long distance to get to its new owner.

You might be relocating and driving your classic car would only put wear on tear on it, which can be prevented by having if transported by Towing Berkeley.

Your car may be partaking in a show, exhibition, or even in a movie, and you need to get it to the location, again, driving it there would just be adding unnecessary wear and tear to your car.

Your car may have broken down, experienced a mechanical problem, or it could have been in an accident, and you need to have it towed to a repair shop.

Whatever the reason that you need to have your classic car towed in the Berkeley area, whether due to an emergency situation or if you need to transport it to a distant location, Towing Berkeley has a team of experienced towing technicians available around the clock who will tow your special car for you to where it needs to be.

Our team can safely tow classic cars, vintage cars, exotic cars, antique cars, and more.

Our technicians are also capable of helping if you run into any roadside problems that don’t require towing. For example, if your classic car needs to have a tire changed, or you need any other type of roadside assistance we can help, without causing any further damage to your car.

Our professional car locksmiths are available to assist at any time of the day or night if you need help opening your classic car doors or trunk. They will skilfully get them open, and you can be sure that they won’t leave a mark on your precious car.

Why Call Towing Berkeley?

Towing Berkeley’s certified technicians understand how important your classic car is to you, and we will do our utmost, to get your precious cargo to its destination in the fastest, safest manner possible.

Towing Berkely is a fully licensed local company that works through a network of affiliates. All highly trained and professionally certified technicians. As a local company we provide fast service due to our familiarity with the area, and we also have a sense of pride when providing service on our home turf.

Our dispatch team mans the phones 24 hours a day and is always happy to help out by answering questions or dispatching a technician to assist you with any towing or roadside assistance service. They will always provide an upfront price quote for the service you need, saving you from any unpleasant surprises later.

Our technicians work with all makes and models of cars, trucks, and motorcycles, so you can be sure that they will be able to assist with your classic car.

Give us a call for assistance with classic car breakdown towing, or transportation of a vintage car to a remote destination.

Towing Berkeley is the company you can trust with your classic car if you are looking to have it safely transported.
We also offer a wide range of 24/7 towing and roadside assistance solutions.

Our services include: