How to Become a Towing Technician in Berkeley

There are so many kinds of jobs out there in the world that sometimes it’s really difficult to choose between them. Do you want to be a firefighter or a doctor or a teacher or writer? Or do you want to be a towing technician? Here’s a little bit about how to become a towing technician, and it starts with knowing what Towing Berkeley is looking for in a towing technician.


Clearly, the first step to preparing to become a towing technician is gaining the knowledge required. You need to gain some experience with cars, perhaps by working in a mechanic shop. Find out whatever you can about how cars work, as well as any information about various makes and models. As far as other requirements, typically you are required to have a GED or high school diploma, be good with directions or maps, a clear driving record and good driving skills, and the ability to learn on the job and adapt quickly.

Job Duties

Once you get the job, here is what you’ll be expected to do. You’ll need to know how to operate a fleet truck safely and professionally. You’ll also need to be well versed in how to accomplish tasks such as diagnostics and mechanical assistance, as well as knowing all there is to know about towing services, auto locksmith services, emergency roadside assistance, and the like. As a towing technician, you’ll be expected to be able to provide any of these services on the spot, and to know the Berkeley area well so that you can arrive quickly to customers’ sides.


Lastly, for Towing Berkeley, a major requirement will be professionalism on your part. You will need to work with company policies for quality pricing and service. Safety and efficiency with high quality work is a must, as well as adherence to safety standards. Another expectation will be to be able to handle different personalities and persons of authority, including customers and vehicle owners as well as police officers and others you will come in contact with on the job. This also includes being able to answer questions on the spot and to have a good amount of information readily available at your disposal. The best towing technicians will have knowledge already on hand, ready to act on it at a moment’s notice.