Benefits of Availing Commercial Roadside Assistance

Availing a commercial roadside assistance plan is far important and beneficial then having any other personal plan. Business house that uses vehicle for any work related concern need to cover under roadside assistance plan, this plan covers all the vehicles including the one for commercial, fleet or construction purpose.

Vehicles can cause huge damage to your business and can also put your workers or employees life in danger. If you’re having towing service company then it’s very essential that you reach the customers on time, in case you fail to reach on schedule time then you may lose your potential customer and business. Thus, if your vehicles are registered under ca roadside assistance plan then you will reach your customer on schedule time and will be able to sort their problems quickly.

Benefits of commercial road side assistance

  • Mechanical repair: If the vehicle is immobilized due to mechanical failure, then in this case having commercial roadside assistance coverage will incorporate providing minor repairs that may repair your vehicle breakdown and enable it to get back on the road in no time.
  • Emergency towing: Suppose the vehicle becomes immobilized and its not possible to bring it back on the road with safety and drivable condition, then having commercial roadside assistance coverage will be provided service without charge to an auto repair facility.
  • Battery service: If the problem is related to battery failure, then you will receive a jump start s as to get the vehicle back in immediate operable condition, if possible.
  • Tire change: If your commercial vehicles have a damaged tire, then it will be replaced with a good and fresh tier piece.
  • Route planning: Despite of the fact whether your employee is new or experienced one who must provide them with a map showing routes and directions. This serves as a valuable tool for all the employees moving out on business trips or delivery.

Towing Berkeley and a network of independent tow truck operators provide premium towing solutions.

Our Towing and Roadside Assistance Services Include:

  • Tow Vehicles (car tow, truck tow and motorcycle tow)
  • Emergency Gas Refueling
  • Car Tire Change  (Customer providing the spare)
  • Car Battery Jump Start
  • Flatbed Truck Service
  • Unlock Car Door
  • 24/7 Tow Dolly Solutions
  • Emergency Long Distance Towing
  •  Accident Towing Services
  • Dolly Towing Services
  • Private Property Towing
  • Light & Heavy duty towing
  • All Towing services